Indian Visa for Swedish Citizens (eVisa)

Indian Visa for Swedish Citizens (eVisa)

Swedish citizens who are planning to travel to India can apply for Indian Visa online. This type of visa is called the Indian eVisa and was made available to citizens from more than 165 countries. The eVisa is avaialble to Swedish travellers to visit India for short term stays ranging from 30 days to 180 days.

Following are the five main categories under which travellers from Sweden can apply the Indian eVisa:

  • Swedish citizens visitng for Tourism purposes.
  • Swedish citizens on Business Visits.
  • Swedish citizens visiting for Medical Visit (as a Patient/nurse/medical attendant)
  • Swedish citizens visiting for Yoga Programme
  • Swedish citizens visiting for Short Term educational/vocational/training courses(duration less than 180 days)

To obtain the eVisa Swedish travellers have to apply online at - using their registered email address. Once approved they they will receive their eVisa via email. Make sure to apply for eVisa atleast 7 business days before your date of travel. Once you receive the eVisa in your email, you can show the soft copy of your eVisa from your phone at the port of entry or you can also show the hard copy of your eVisa. Remember every traveller has to apply for eVisa as there is no option of getting a group eVisa.

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